Wildlife Focus is a brand new website for wildlife and nature lovers everywhere, offering unique, high-quality multimedia content to transport you into the deepest, darkest rainforests of South America – all with the click of a mouse!

Webcam in the Forest: 'Puro' Webcam

We are proud to present our first Webcam in the Forest - the ‘Puro’ webcam, which shows live streaming wildlife footage from the breathtaking and remote tropical forest of  Fundación Jocotoco’s Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador.

Primarily a hummingbird webcam, the ‘Puro’ cam streams live 12 hours a day (with a delay to optimise quality), approximately 3pm - 3am GMT. At night, the daytime footage is repeated – giving you a chance to watch it again!

The webcam is situated in a prime position to film the incredible variety of birds that come to visit strategically placed feeders in the reserve. You can expect to see:

  • Over 10 species of hummingbird
  • Tanagers
  • Fly-Catchers.

If you are lucky you could well catch a glimpse of two species of Toucans and the endearing coati , a mammal referred to locally as "cuchuchu". These animals regularly visit the webcam area to munch on bananas which are placed on a wooden platform behind the bird feeders.

Note:The climatic conditions in the rainforest do cause problems when using high-tech equipment such as webcams. Although the camera is placed in a protective cover, there are likely to be times when heavy rain and storms mean the quality will be low, or the internet connection drops temporarily. If this happens, please be patient and check back later.

Over the coming months the Wildlife Focus website will introduce exciting new content including:

  • The ability to save highlights from the webcam to publish on the website and share with others,
  • Identification guides to help you identify the species you are watching – with a holiday in Ecuador for the first person to discover and freeze-frame a new species!

Learn more about the Buenaventura Reserve on the World Land Trust website.


February 4th 2008

We are still experiencing problems obtaining live webcam streaming, due primarily to the severe weather Ecuador has experienced over the last few days. To see for yourself the current climatic difficulties in Ecuador have a look at an email from our expert in Ecuador, Gustavo Morejón (pdf 35kb - opens in new window).

We expect to be able to show live webcam footage soon. In the meantime, watch the recorded footage above and have a look at some of the other features of the site including the Virtual Tours and Videos.

Thank you for your patience!


Sir David Attenborough at the webcam launch

As human beings we are more urbanised than ever before and we are out of touch with the natural world - yet we are 100% dependent on its resources. World Land Trust's new rainforest webcam is an extraordinary lifeline and communication with the natural world.” Sir David Attenborough speaking at the launch of Wildlife Focus